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Brinkman Construction recognizes that buildings have a major impact on the environment and even the smallest measures can create positive change. We have established the Gratis sustainability program based on the belief that environmental stewardship is a sound economical investment. Gratis creates opportunities for our clients who seek environmental building solutions that utilize and protect natural resources. It also links project budgets with environmental goals to ensure overall project success.

At Brinkman, we employ minimum sustainability standards which are implemented on every project. Through these standards we can change how construction projects impact our local community, increase occupant health, and deliver a higher quality product to our client. These standards focus on construction waste recycling, construction indoor air quality, storm water pollution prevention and reduced site disturbance, infection control and hazardous communications, and low and/or no VOC (volatile organic compound) products.

We have 20 in-house LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable with the LEED certification program as well as the Green Globes certification program. With this knowledge, our team is committed to ensuring your project is constructed with the environment in mind while helping lower operating costs, increasing asset value, and demonstrating your commitment to conservation and social responsibility.

There are many options available when exploring sustainable designs and certifying a project and we make certain that our clients have the information to make the best decisions. We realize the expense involved with this process and have knowledge of the rebate and incentive programs available through local and federal governments that can assist in making a project financially possible.


  • LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™) feasibility and certification services.
  • Green Globes® feasibility and certification services.
  • Sustainable solutions for new and existing building owners to reduce energy and water consumption while improving tenant occupancy and reducing operating costs.
  • Cost/benefit analyses including the best return on investment for sustainable alternatives compared to standard building elements.
  • Life cycle cost analysis for equipment and material purchases.

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