Brinkman Partners

Construction: Quality Assurance/Quality Control

With Brinkman Construction, quality starts during preconstruction. During design we will conduct a constructability review of the drawings and specifications as early as possible.  Our preconstruction team, project manager, superintendent, and key subcontractors will perform an in-depth review of the contract documents.  This review will seek to identify conflicts, missing or incomplete design details, and items that create constructability or quality concerns. 

The intent of the constructability review is to find issues early and build quality into the project. As we offer input and find issues, we track them on our Olan Review Log and resolve the issues prior to beginning construction. Our project team will work with the owner and design team and offer solutions to resolve these issues as quickly as possible so design revisions can be incorporated into the 100% CDs and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

Once construction starts, our approach to creating high-quality space is quite simple. We will spend the necessary time upfront to methodically and thoroughly plan the work before it’s installed. We then inspect and ensure the work is executed and installed correctly, in accordance with the contract documents.  This planning saves both time and money, eliminates costly rework, and reduces punch list and warranty work. 

Brinkman's 3 Phases of QA/QC:

  • Precon Phase (Preconstruction Meeting)
  • First Work-in-Place Phase (First Work-in-Place Meeting and Inspection)
  • Follow-Up Phase (QA/QC Verification Reports)

The 3 Phases of QA/QC allow us to plan, schedule, and install work in an orderly, consistent way that ensures the highest quality standards are met while minimizing rework. The following are the specific details regarding our 3 Phases of QA/QC:

Preconstruction Meeting

Brinkman holds Preconstruction meetings with each subcontractor before construction commences on each significant construction activity.

The main topics of the Preconstruction Meeting will cover safety, quality, schedule, and other job specific items. The goal of this meeting is to focus Brinkman and the subcontractor’s quality efforts on preventing deficiencies rather than detecting deficiencies.

First Work-in-Place Phase (First Work-in-Place Meeting and Inspection)

Brinkman holds First Work-in-Place meetings with each subcontractor at the beginning of any significant construction activity, immediately after a small portion (not more than one day of work) of any scope has been installed. The goal is to ensure compliance with project requirements and to establish an agreed upon baseline of acceptable quality and workmanship for each scope of work.

Follow-Up Phase (QA/QC Verification Reports)

Brinkman field personnel will perform random inspections of all construction activities. These inspections, called QA/QC Verification Reports, will be performed regularly (at a minimum one inspection per Brinkman staff, per week).  The inspections are unannounced and, therefore, ensure that all subcontractors constantly strive to meet the design criteria.  Any non-conforming work is noted on the QA/QC Verification Report and a copy is sent to the subcontractor foreman and project manager.  It is the expectation that all non-conforming work will be removed and re-installed no later than two working days after it is discovered.  These activities will be tracked on the Outstanding Work List (OWL) and reviewed weekly at the subcontractor site meetings. 

QA/QC Verification Inspections Will: 

  • Verify work continues to conform to the construction documents.
  • Verify quality of workmanship is maintained. Quality and workmanship must meet the standard and location agreed to during the First Work-in-Place inspection.
  • Verify that requirements are being met for items discussed and/or concerns that were addressed during the Preconstruction Meeting and First Work-in-Place Meeting.
  • Verify required tests and inspections are being performed.
  • Verify that non-conforming or deficient work is being corrected.
  • Verify work is taking place safely.