Brinkman Partners

Brinkman Construction: About Us

Based in Fort Collins, CO, and with an office in Denver, Brinkman Construction is a 100% employee owned company. Our team is dedicated to providing clients with the utmost level of knowledge, innovative solutions, hands-on leadership, and predictable results.

Our employee ownership model helps us attract dedicated construction professionals who believe in personal accountability and have a long-term vision for projects. Our industry relationships add value to each project through increased efficiencies and streamlined processes that place the owner’s best interests at the forefront of every decision made.

Our strategic alliance with Brinkman, allows us to leverage our partnership by utilizing their development, investment, and real estate management knowledge to provide our clients with resources they would otherwise not have access to.  Through this alliance, we strive to best serve our clients and deepen our community impact. 


We build relationships, create opportunities, and share success.


To provide the highest level of knowledge at every level of service, Brinkman Construction is committed to pairing our solid principles and extensive understanding of industry intricacies with the long-standing industry relationships we have established. We do this through continual dedication to our core values:


We remain true to our founding values of being honest and ethical in all areas of work and life. We focus on being candid, direct and forthcoming with communication and information while speaking the truth with grace.

Relationship Focused

We focus on forging strong, long-term relationships with each other, our clients, our community, and other business partners. Relationships are the key to our success and provide us with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

All In

We are completely committed and willing to do our best at all times to achieve what is best for our clients, our team, and our company. We strive to go above and beyond and continually showcase an energy and inspiration in our actions, behaviors, attitude, and enthusiasm.

Forward Thinking

We see the big picture and ensure long-term success for our partners, defining that success by each clients’ unique needs and goals. We strategically plan to avoid potential issues and coach others on developing proactive problem-solving skills. We present solutions in a timely manner with confidence and sincerity.


Innovation occurs in every aspect of our company including our services, our quality and our business processes. We identify, pursue, implement, and improve how we operate while enthusiastically providing creative solutions to enhance the future of Brinkman Construction.


We embrace good change and adjust to different environments, technology, and processes. Our ability to embrace new opportunities and make forward-thinking modifications to external and internal conditions allows us to be the best we can possibly be.


Our people are at the cornerstone of our success. Our culture is centered on collaboration and innovation. In 2014, our integrated team created a new generation of office space to foster this culture. Our new home, Fuse on Harmony, was designed to support more effective workflow and communication, enhance the internal environment of our integrated business model, and inspire creativity.