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Strategic Long-Term Growth Drives Brinkman Partners

FORT COLLINS, CO, May 28, 2013: Brinkman Partners’ strategic growth plan has led to the addition of new employees throughout each of their five services areas. These new employees include: Matt Brown (Superintendent), Lauren Concialdi (Project Engineer), Bobby Garcia (Superintendent), Rachel Hassell (Accounting Manager), Dane Hix (Project Engineer), Barb New (Project Coordinator), Ron New (Project Manager), Shelly Randall (Preconstruction Engineer), Lisa Saling (Property Accountant), Dennis Schultz (Superintendent) and David Vorlage (Director of Real Estate Management and Finance).

 “We are fortunate in the growth that our company has experienced and are continually working towards meeting our long-term goals with this expansion. We have been able to hire some of the best in the industry and are excited to have them as part of our team,” said Paul Brinkman, Founding Partner and CEO of Brinkman Partners.