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Food For Thought: Commercial Development, Growing Pains, and the Evolution of Community

Feasting Fort Collins

By Kristin Mastre - 08/30/16

It’s an interesting time to be living in Fort Collins right now, isn’t it? I feel like Fort Collins is in an awkward teen growing phase. Arms and legs are growing fast, giving us a lanky look. Our braces are on tight to straighten out that gap in our buckteeth. And then there’s the hormonal acne that’s popping up on our skin. It used to be on our back, but now it’s moving to our face.

These are hard years to live through as we suffer through growing pains. It’s awkward as hell. But those of us who’ve survived this stage know that things eventually sort themselves out and we grow into our bodies. It’s a challenge to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re in it though.

So the next thing I’m looking forward to is the development of Harmony Commons on Harmony and Ziegler. Another established local craft coffee house going in, a handful of new restaurants, and a brewery (yet to be announced, but a lease has been signed). This is all exciting to me because I have another brewery I can ride my bike to! An alternate coffee house for meetings that hopefully won’t be as cramped! And there are two to three more food concepts that are still in the works there too. Some of them I’m excited about, and not particularly others (more. pizza. ugh).

I had a chance to get Brinkman’s thoughts on commercial development in Fort Collins and restaurant trends that they see as they develop areas like Harmony Commons.

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